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Consultation Services

> Brand Promotion and Brand Building

Our Brand promotion is designed to inform, remind, persuade and influence customers so that they purchase your products or brands.

We inform and remind the customers of the company's brands or products and services.

Our Brand promotion and building includes brand information promotion, Product differentiation on the market, stimulating brand demand, building brand equity, Stabilizing brand sales, offsetting competitor’s marketing efforts and building your organization image in the market.

> Exclusive Market for Clients
We search for market in all areas of Uganda and make sure customers get to know your brands or products. We provide utmost insight on customer needs and market niches for particular products. We know where given products make more sales and less sales and that is why we would like to link you to prospective clients.

> Market Research and Survey
For a product to penetrate the market, it needs to have market and thus we do research and make surveys to make sure your brands or products earn a place in the market.

> Upcoming Market Trends
Our team is good at predicting the coming market Trends in regards to your brands. We advise you on the future demands so that you make adjustments in relation to them. We shall enlighten you about a shift in the consumption trends to help you make genuine decisions for you brands.

Regulation Affairs

> Processing regulatory activities on behalf of Clients
For the period we have been in the market, we can assist you in processing regulatory activities. Our experience and professionalism sets us apart in perform such duties on behalf of you.

> Dossier Submission and Dossier Follow Up
You can rest knowing trusting us to make dossier submissions on behalf of you will yield a return on your brand investment. We coordinate this by submitting through the proper channels and making sure you get legit credentials. For whatever submission you make in the governing bodies, we do make a proper follow up so that we get your product verified and approved on the market.

> New Product Registration
Sit back and relax as our team will assist you making registration for all your products with the relevant bodies and ensure that your get your feedback in a timely fashion. We also handle Minor and Major variation, Consultation for GMP audit as well as any other related regulatory work.